Modulating Human Subjective
Time Experience

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Open campus day in Giessen

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JLU Team demonstrated a vibrotactile sleeve and a vest to wide range of audience from various age groups and professions. We are proud that their pavilion attracted so much attention!

Project Meeting

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ChronoPilot project meeting happened in Athens, Greece. It was really exciting to meet the project members, this time in person. We are really grateful to PANTEION team who organized this amazing meeting!

Vest and Gauntlet Prototype

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The JLU Team has finalized the Haptic Vest and Gauntlet prototypes. Both wearables will be used to create time-altering effects during and beyond the ChronoPilot project lifetime. Congrats Team!


ChronoPilot would like to congratulate Jean Botev, Knut Drewing, Heiko Hamann, Yara Khaluf, Pieter Simoens, and Argiro Vatakis, who published the very first collaborative ChronoPilot paper in IEEE Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR) Proceedings. The paper is titled “ChronoPilot – Modulating Time Perception”. Jean Botev based at Luxembourg University presented this paper at 2021 IEEE AIVR which can be found here.

Meet the Team

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The EU Project ChronoPilot had its first meeting today on the 8th of October, 2021. The ChronoPilot project is excited to meet and catch up with all the members.